Ice Cube has got to be one of the more under rated artists of our time. Here’s a guy who established himself as a critical and commercial success when it comes to rap music and gangsta rap music. He’s also well known for his strong acting skills in a variety of movies and genres from Three Kings to the ‘Are We There Yet’ franchise. He’s also a writer, producer, and director. Give this guy a paintbrush, and he’d probably impress you. He was given the helm at directing one of 30 for 30 films for ESPN. A series that I can’t say enough about, not only is this series of shows going to go down as maybe some of the best sport documentaries created, it’s going to be a massive success when it hits DVD/Blu Ray, which it undoubtedly will. An absolute must watch for the sports fan.

Well, Ice Cube does it justice by talking about the impact that the Oakland Raiders had on the LA scene. What more? You can watch the whole damn thing right here. Amazing work Ice Cube, amazing work ESPN.

Just close the ad to play. (Click close to play)

Your welcome by the way.

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