BlogTrot started as a dedicated blog in 2006 as a fun, side project to entertain a group of co-workers. The readership was at just that level – a small group of dedicated readers. Over time, word got around, people started to add the site to their favorites, and BlogTrot took it upon themselves to make commentary about movies, books, restaurants, concerts, music, people, and life in general. BlogTrot has never been one of those personal diaries, we don’t really talk about our personal lives, and people have always responded to our general wide appealing posts. Eventually, we started to review products, we started to get some interest from other parties and companies. We covered festivals, entire trips, and all in all have made some fantastic recommendations, and have stopped some serious mistakes.

We have always been committed to being serial time wasters, and welcome you to browse about, and come back often.

Want us to cover an event, let the world know about your new invention, check out some new track or venue? Maybe you just want to tell us how much you hate us, it’s all good, shoot us off an email. We’ve been called worse things by better people.